Underground waste collection in Qurum begins from today

By Vinod Nair — MUSCAT: April 15 – Muscat Municipality will commence the underground waste collection system from today in Shatti al Qurum and Qurum commercial areas. The authority has urged the people to place the garbage in a plastic bag and ensure that it is properly sealed; open the lid and place the bag inside the container. The cover will close automatically. Residents of Muscat have welcomed the new initiatives as it will help avoid the scene of rodents and stray animals feeding on the food waste in public places. People also wanted to know whether there are any plans for recycling of the waste. “I am not sure whether the system has been effective in CBD where it has been in operation for the last three years. We still find garbage over flowing near these containers,” said Vandana, who resides near the Clock Tower in Muscat.
The civic body last week had announced of the completion of the underground waste bins project in Al Sarooj, Shatti and Qurum as part of the efforts to ensure a clean environment in Muscat. The project involved distribution of two to four containers in each location. Supply and installation of underground containers for waste collection services was implemented for the first time in CBD and MBD areas.
Over 100 waste bins have been installed at several locations in these two areas since the start of the testing phase three years ago following which the project was to be extended to other areas.
The garbage collection vehicles will empty the containers everyday using hydraulic lifts. The new waste disposal system is also part of the municipality’s beautification project to complement the Sultanate’s drive and attract more tourists.
The authorities have also started imposing penalties on people throwing waste at inappropriate places, including construction work debris.