UK parliament will vote on early election again on Mon

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government said on Thursday it would make a second attempt next week to call an early general election, to try to break the political deadlock over Brexit.
The day after MPs rejected the first attempt to call a snap poll, senior minister Jacob Rees-Mogg told MPs he would put forward a “motion relating to an early parliamentary election” to be voted on Monday.
It would be put under a 2011 law that requires the support of two-thirds of the 650-seat House of Commons, Downing Street said.
A similar move on Wednesday night failed after the main opposition Labour party abstained.
Johnson called the election after MPs approved a bill that could undermine his threat to leave the European Union on October 31 without agreeing exit terms.
Labour said that while it wanted an election, it wanted the “no deal” bill passed first.
The bill is currently being debated in the unelected Upper House of Lords but is expected to become law by Monday. — AFP