Twins in Oman to gather at first-ever event

MUSCAT: Three thousand twins (Omanis and expatriates) have registered till now to participate in Oman’s first-ever event that will witness the gathering of all twins in Oman. Scout teams are expected to lead all the twins and their families to walk a distance of about 500 metres wearing national clothes and carrying the national flag of Oman. The two-day event is planned for November 22 and 23. The theme of the event is ‘Our Twins are Unique.’ The event is being organised by Omani Business Services Centre.

On Monday, the organising committee of the Twin Gathering Event signed an agreement with Oman Automotive Association to be the venue provider. Planned for the event are Omani Cavalry Show, Classic Cars and Motor Shows and Omani folklore music. Other activities include theatre, health guidance, sport activities and children’s corner. The talent corner at the venue would be a space and opportunity to highlight twins’ skills and select young talents in all fields to explore their projects and ideas. There would also be discussion panels where parents share their stories on raising twins — tips, an insight into the personality differences, facts about twins and success stories.

An exciting part of the event will be the twin celebrities — well-known social media twin celebrities in the region. On the venue will also be an SME, homemade and handcrafting court. More than 125 million people in the world or 1.9 per cent of the earth’s population are twins. Europe has the highest rate of twins in the world by 90-100 in 1,000 live births.