TV programme NAZAHA receives society’s commendation

Muscat: Throughout the Holy Month of Ramadhan, the State Audit Institution (SAI) has been broadcasting “Nazaha” programme to those interested in using different media platforms.

The programme, which was produced in its 4th season this year, covered a number of awareness raising messages that aim to boost integrity within society.

The name of the programme “Nazaha”-which means (integrity) in English, is an actual demonstration of SAI’s belief in the importance of fostering integrity values among individuals when dealing with public money and public service.

In fact, the term (integrity) means the avoidance of bad and suspicious deeds, and lifting oneself off sins and disobedience. Hence, integrity is seen as a humane phenomenon ruled by individuals and communities’ values and guides the individual through physical and moral action.

It leads to reform and righteousness as it is an internal drive and value, as well as an apparent behaviour realized by integration and moral balance and linked to several life aspects, individual, social, national and regulatory fields.

Therefore, the programme’s episodes focused on general integrity values, particularly at the work environment.

Values are the primary directive for the individual’s behavior and righteousness. It enables people to coexist in an environment that is based on credible individual and social conduct. –ONA

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