Turning a new leaf in environment

By Dr Priti Swarup

The most beautiful outcome of COVID-19 is that our environment has certainly become better. We should not wait for calamities like pandemics, avalanches, floods, bushfires, cyclones, or pressing issues like locust attacks destroying our food supplies, to learn a lesson. Probably they are a means by mother earth to restore its balance in its own ways, if we humans do not behave!

Let us take small steps daily to bring big changes in the long run.

Waste disposal: After throwing the garbage out, it becomes a public issue, or the responsibility of the sanitation worker who comes to pick it up, or the authorities. We all can do our small bit by segregating the waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Our home garbage can also be used to convert into compost and can be used for our kitchen gardens. Use bins to dispose waste instead of just tossing it out of the window

Save water and electricity: Fix leaking taps, switch off unnecessary lights and use energy-efficient home appliances.

Promote young brains: Children these days are a big reservoir of brilliant and cost-effective ideas which when put to use, can outshine the existing systems too. As parents, we must teach our children about awareness of the environment, cause-and-effects of major issues, and how to deal with them.

Go green: Instead of decorating your homes with resin or plastic-based products and artifacts, go for earthen materials. Keep indoor plants like spider-plant, peace lily, snake-plant, lavender, aloe vera, to name a few, and breathe a fresher air!

Reuse, recycle, reduce: Large scale deforestation can be curbed using alternatives to paper. Both sides of the paper can be used for printing and making notes. A lot can be done by simply replacing the plastic containers with glass or steel ones. We all can use cloth bags for grocery shopping. This will also generate jobs for organisations and homemakers.

As environmentalist Lawrence Overmire said, ‘We are the last generation with a real opportunity to save the world’, the eventual aim of humanity should be a better quality of life and ensuring that we leave behind the best quality for our future generations too.

This author is an HRM expert. Email: drpritiswarup@gmail.com