Tunisia emerge champions of Africans Expat Challenge Cup

MUSCAT: The Tunisian Community team achieved the title of the second African Expats Challenge Cup football in Muscat after beating the Cameroon Community team 2-1. The Sudan Community team finished third after edging the Tanzania Community team 4-3.
This tournament saw 12 African communities teams in the Sultanate in action. The event was sponsored by Anza Home Oman, a leading Turkish furniture company, which honoured the winning team.
Twelve teams — Tunisia, Sudan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Cameroon, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Uganda — took part in the African Expats Challenge Cup, which lasted for three weeks, with group matches and semifinals up to the final.
The organisers of the African Expats Challenge Cup expressed their happiness for the success of the tournament, stressing that they will seek to continue this competition in order to preserve the values ​of African unity through sport.