Tuna Tataki Salad or Seared Tuna Salad

Best Japanese flavours
Takara is located inside the Intercontinental Hotel Muscat and is one of the country’s best Japanese restaurants offering some of the most delicious and authentic Japanese flavours to the Sultanate. The restaurant currently has different promotions from Hana Nights that allows ladies to spoil their appetite every Tuesdays to Unlimited Ala Carte Weekend Lunch.

In today’s recipe, Chef Rajesh showcases the best way to prepare tuna. Tuna is very high in source of Calories and protein. There are many types of tuna but basically the four types are as follow: yellow fin, blue fin, big eye, Skipjack.


Serving size 3 portion

Apple Ginger Dressing [Yield: 700ml]
225ml Kikkoman soy sauce
225ml Japanese Rice vinegar
200ml Corn oil
8gm Ginger peeled
125gm White onion roughly diced
40gm Apple Red peeled and roughly diced
135gm White Sugar

200gm Tuna loin (4cm x3cm x15cm)
20ml Olive
20ml Kikkoman Soy sauce
2gm Black Pepper

250gm Any kind of Mix salad leaves(eg: lettuce Lollo rosso, lettuce oak leaves, Lettuce frisee green, baby rocket leaves) – cleaned and sanitized
60gm Cucumber (cut into half slice)
30gm Onion Red or White (julienne cut)
8 pcs Cherry Tomato – cut 1x4pcs each
50gm Beetroot (Fine julienne cut)


Apple ginger
In a clean blender put Kikkoman, rice vinegar, corn oil, ginger white onion apple and white sugar.
Blend well. When the dressing is ready, keep in a food-grade container and store in a freeze. Can be used up to 10 days. Stir well before use to mix ingredients well.

Tuna loin preparation
Take a plate and marinate tuna with Kikkoman soy sauce and black pepper. Keep in refrigerator for 15 minutes.
Heat the nonstick pan in high flame and add olive oil. Pan must be very hot to sear Tuna.
Once the pan is very hot, place the marinated tuna on pan and sear all side 10 seconds. (Tuna should not get cooked inside, Tuna must be cooked only from outside so that tuna will be juicy and soft)
Take out from the pan and cut into 1cm thick slice. It will come 15 slices.

Salad preparation
Take 3 plates and arrange sliced tuna and cherry tomato in all three plates equally.
Take a salad mixing bowl. Put mixed salad leaves and cucumber. Add Apple ginger dressing 60ml (add more or less dressing depending upon your taste) and toss well to mix all dressing properly.
Arrange salad on the plate together with sliced tuna.
On top of the salad garnish with onions and beetroot.

CHEF Rajesh Thapa
Executive Chef
Head Chef
TAKARA Japanese Restaurant

Born in Nepal, Chef Rajesh Thapa, at a very young age has been inspired by the local chefs of Kathmandu. It is from these chefs that he first learned his culinary experience.

After years of mastering many of the Nepalese styles of cooking, he moved to Dubai in 2008 and begin venturing into multi-cuisine speciality and working with some of the best 5-star hotels in the country. Working in different restaurants, he eventually gravitated towards Japanese culinary.

He would spend the next 10 years working with Jumeirah Group where he pre-opened several of their world-renowned restaurants. As the head chef of Takara, he has dedicated his time into making sure that he prepares not only the freshest ingredients but the best that Japanese dishes have to offer.

One of his missions is to train other chefs to become better especially at the Japanese style and art of cooking and inspiring the next generations of Head Chefs.



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