Tufoul showcasing the past through handmade silverware

The craftswoman Tufoul Ramadhan, from the wilayat of Taqah, Dhofar has mastered the silver industry for ages now and believes that this craft is part of her personality.
She mainly worked with silverware in addition to being a member of the Omani Women Association since its inception. She was responsible for technical affairs in the association until the year 2020, and her passion for heritage work began by getting to know the tools involved in the industry.
Tufoul manufactures several handicrafts, including clothes and ornaments for the head, nose and neck for women, and some silver crafts for men. She plays a notable role in the Association for her contribution to training women in silver crafting. Her mission is to introduce authentic Omani heritage to the world.
She is also interested in collecting heritage items and has a private museum in her home that includes many rare artefacts, the most famous of which is an ancient sword dating back to the Ya’arubi period, Umayyad and Abbasid coins, and currencies of Sultan Faisal bin Turki.
Tufoul participated in many exhibitions for the Omani Women Association in Taqah and the Salalah Tourism Festival, in addition to its outside participation with the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism in Yemen and some GCC countries. She has also helped at furnishing the Taqah Fort in 1996 as part of the “Year of Omani Heritage.”
Tufoul believes that through these exhibitions, she helps to spread a message to the world about the Omani heritage. “Lots of tourists from different segments visit these exhibitions and they get the chance to know about our history. They aim to be a link between the past and the current generation, in addition to shedding light on heritage holdings and helping researchers and academics in this field,” she shared.