Tsunami recurrence takes centuries

By Kabeer Yousuf — MUSCAT: May 2 – A repeat incidence of tsunami will take centuries after the first one, according to the Head of Department of Earthquake Monitoring Centre (DEQMC) at the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU). “If it (tsunami) has happened in the past, greater chances are it will happen in the future, but after a long gap of several centuries,” says Dr Issa el Hussain, Director of the centre. “It will take centuries (for another tsunami) because it needs time to build stress and rupture ground with the same magnitude,” he said. In order to foresee calamities, Oman has established the Tsunami Early Warning Centre, he said.

Dr El Hussain, however, said it will not be able to predict the time and date of its future incidence. Speaking to the Observer about reports on the social media about an impending tsunami, he said an “immediate incidence is baseless”, though it can happen after some centuries. Oman had experienced its worst earthquake on November 27, 1945 and it was in the path of a tsunami hitting Sur. The 8.1 magnitude quake had shaken the region.