After Trump row, China urges US to bar Taiwan leader

Beijing: China has urged Washington to block Taiwan’s president from passing through the US, after reports said she may stop in New York for talks with
Donald Trump’s team, following a protocol-smashing phone call between the pair.
The president-elect broke with decades of precedent last week to accept a congratulatory phone call from Tsai, angering Beijing which regards the island as a rogue province awaiting unification.
Taiwan’s Liberty Times reported that President Tsai Ing-wen (pictured) may seek to meet members of Trump’s team while in New York on her way to Central America, though her office would not confirm the plan.
The trip would take place before Trump’s inauguration on January 20, the newspaper said.
Taiwan has diplomatic relations with 22 states and the island’s leaders make regular visits to its small group of allies in Central America and the Caribbean, often stopping in the US for meetings with sympathetic lawmakers.
China’s foreign ministry called on Washington to block any stopover in the United States.
Tsai’s “true intention is self-evident”, it said. “We hope America abides by the principle of the One China policy and the three US-PRC Joint Communiques and does not allow her transit.”
Countries that have formal diplomatic ties with Beijing cannot enjoy such links with Taipei and vice versa. Both Beijing and Taipei in principle consider themselves the only legitimate power in charge of both China and Taiwan. — AFP