Trump may pull out of Iran N-pact: Macron

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump may well pull out of the Iran nuclear deal for domestic political reasons, French President Emmanuel Macron said, after he and his American counterpart held talks addressing the agreement’s future.
Near the end of his three-day state visit, Macron told US media that while he did not know specifically what Trump will decide, he believes the US leader “will get rid of this deal on his own, for domestic reasons.”
Trump must declare by May 12 if he will essentially walk away from the existing deal when the renewal deadline arrives.
Macron had come to Washington in part to plead for a more comprehensive “new agreement” that would address what he and Trump believe to be shortcomings of the existing accord.
“I have no inside information” on what decision Trump will make on the agreement,” Macron told journalists. But “I listen to what President Trump is saying and it seems to me that he is not very eager to defend it.” — AFP