Trump brushes off travel ban outcry

chaos at airports –

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump on Monday brushed off outcry at home and abroad over an immigration ban on refugees and people from seven predominantly Muslim countries, a move that caused chaos at US airports over the weekend.
The leader of the Democrats in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, said he would bring legislation to the chamber on Monday evening seeking to end the ban.
An executive order issued by Trump on Friday banned immigration from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, and temporarily halted the entry of refugees.
Chaos broke out as border and customs officials struggled to put the directive into practice amid loud protests at major US airports.
The president’s critics have said his action unfairly singled out Muslims, violated US law and the Constitution, and defiled America’s historic reputation as hospitable to immigrants.
In a pair of Twitter posts early on Monday, Trump appeared to blame the airport confusion on protesters as well as Schumer, who had teared up over the weekend while discussing the ban, and even a computer system failure at Delta Airlines late on Sunday.
“Only 109 people out of 325,000 were detained and held for questioning. Big problems at airports were caused by Delta computer outage… protesters and the tears of Senator Schumer,” Secretary Kelly said that all is going well with very few problems.
Schumer said 11 Republican lawmakers had already spoken out against the immigration order and called for action.