Tropical Storm ‘Vayu’ not likely to impact Oman

MUSCAT, June 10 – The tropical system over the Arabian Sea is now classified as a tropical storm, which might not have an impact on Oman because of another feature in the Arabian Sea that is a trait of the current season — the monsoon. The National Multi Hazards Early Warning Centre on Monday reported the formation of a tropical depression system southeast of the Arabian Sea located at longitude 71.0 degrees East and latitude 12.0 degrees North with estimated surface wind speed around the centre ranging between 28 to 32 knots and away from the Sultanate’s coast, Ras Madrakah, with approximate distance of 1,480 km.

If the wind speed around the centre of the depression reaches 34 knots or more it indicates the system has intensified into a tropical storm and then the system will be named. The current wind speed around the centre is 35-50 knots.  India has named the tropical storm – ‘Vayu’.  “The low pressure is around 1,480 km away from the Sultanate. It is now located southeast coast of India. For now, it is heading north-northwest. We are observing the system — parallel to the coast of India,” said a weather expert at Oman Met Office, Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA).

The first weather report on the system had said numerical prediction indicates a movement of the tropical depression towards north to northwest direction along the western coasts of India with a probability of further intensification into a deep depression (20-32 knots) within the coming 24 hours and a tropical storm (34 to 63 knots) within the next 48 hours. According to the Met Office there could be no impact on the coastal areas of Oman in the next two days. However, this is also the season for monsoon which is also developed over the Arabian Sea. According to the weather expert, the monsoon is not a helping factor for tropical storms.

“Monsoon is not helpful for tropical systems. When the monsoon starts it weakens all tropical systems. This is a key factor. The Arabian Sea coast in Oman and Yemen are already going through pre-monsoon winds which could prevent the tropical system to move towards these areas,” the expert pointed out.