Trial adjourned in Dubai-Muscat bus accident to October 31

Muscat: The trial in the accident involving the Dubai-Muscat (Mwasalat) bus has been adjourned until October 31, according to reports.

The defence lawyers of the Mwasalat bus driver who hit a height restriction barrier who claimed several technical shortcomings in the road signages said the driver cannot be held responsible for the crash.

The driver’s lawyer told the court than an independent expert had provided all documents and pictures related to the crash site to an engineering consultant and head of a road and safety facility in Australia to examine the incident and provide a report.

The report said there were several obvious errors that led to the crash, and they were not the responsibility of the driver,” said the lawyer

The report also said the distance between the warning signboard and the height barrier was only 12 metres and it should be a minimum of 48 metres.

The report said that the barrier should have been made of a different material that would break into pieces if an impact happened to warn violating cars without causing death and injury.

Such errors made it very hard for the driver to see the warning boards clearly as the sun was direct on his eyes, the lawyer said.

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