TRC unveils National Innovation Strategy

MUSCAT: The Research Council (TRC) introduced the recent stages of the National Innovation Strategy (NIS) to the media on Wednesday, which has been recently approved by the Council of Ministers. A presentation on the NIS, its stages and the efforts that have been put forward from the various government, private and civil society institutions was delivered to media by Dr. Sharifa al Harthiya, Director of the National Innovation Strategy Project at TRC. As part of the NIS development project, four pillars to lead the national innovation system in the Sultanate have been defined: Human Capital, Economic Diversification, Intellectual Property& Knowledge Transfer, and Institutional & Social Integration. The NIS organisational structure consists of a grand committee, supervisory committee, quality assurance team, and four technical teams.  NIS took 12 months to be developed by over 70 national experts from government, academia, and private sectors.