TRC powers innovation, research

Since its establishment in 2005 and throughout the last 10 years, TRC focused on laying the foundation of research and innovation system through the formation of the National Strategy for Research and Development (NSRD) 2008-2020, which contributed to the development, management and steering of research, science and innovation.
In accordance with Oman Vision 2040, TRC is working on the preparation of the NSRD 2020-2040.
TRC and the various institutions in Oman developed the National Innovation Strategy (NIS) that lean on four pillars; human capital, intellectual property and knowledge transfer, economic diversification, and institutional and social Integration.
Using the NIS, TRC aims to establish an effective innovation system for a sustainable social and economic development on a par with international standards. To achieve this aim, certain goals have been set including, establishment of an enabling environment for innovation, creation of new job opportunities, diversification of the national income sources and enhancement of the living standard of citizens.
These goals are purposely aligned with the five-year plans, the NIS initiatives and programmes that are all based on the strategy’s 2040 vision to place Oman among the top 20 most innovative countries in the world.
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos stressed on multiple occasions the important role of scientific research and innovation on Oman’s overall development.
TRC is ensuring the promotion of international collaboration by receiving a number of visiting delegations from research, academic, regional and international institutions.
In addition, TRC is actively participating in international research and innovation forums.