TRC organises workshop on technology transfer

MUSCAT: A three-day workshop on ‘Activating a National Technology Transfer System in the Sultanate of Oman’ started on Monday with aims to increase the efficiency of the system of development and transfer of technology at the national level and strengthen the link between research, and academic institutions and the industrial and productive sectors.
Dr Hilal bin Ali al Hinai, Secretary-General of the Research Council (TRC), said that the workshop is aimed at linking the production of knowledge and the exploitation of information, pointing out that academic institutions are institutions for the production of knowledge.
He added that scientific research councils around the world support the production of knowledge, stressing the importance of the existence of knowledge transfer offices to the community in general and to the private sector, explaining that when TRC was established it was thought that the role of the research council was to fund research to produce knowledge.
The workshop included a number of topics, the first of which was about the accomplished stages of the project. Shaikha bint Nasser al Ahkzamiyah, Project Advisor, gave a presentation entitled “Studying the Reality of Innovation and the Guide to Establishing Technology Transfer Offices in the Sultanate of Oman”.
Dr Ali al Shithani, Project Adviser, gave a presentation on the Operational Vision, future vision of the National Technology Transfer Network and the National Bureau of Technology Transfer. — ONA