Travelling on Camel

Hamoud Hamdan al Nahdi, a traveller, is proving it once again that a journey on camel is still possible in the modern day life style.
A solo traveller, Al Nahdi reached Mahout on Wednesday arriving from Wilayat Mudhaibi riding on his camel. A grand reception was given to the traveller by the Deputy Wali of the Wilayat Mahout, Sheikh Ahmed al Busaidy and citizens.
The objective of Al Nahdi’s journey is to conserve Omani heritage and instill the love for camel riding. He started his journey from Wilayat Ibra, North Sharqiya governorate.
Al Nahdi has held other journeys previously on foot. Reaching Mahout he thanked the government authorities and all other well-wishers for the support and encouragement.
The second part of his journey will be from Wusta Coast to Dhofar governorate.