Travellers aged 60 and above must avoid unessential travel: WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that travelers aged 60 or above should avoid or delay unessential travel.

WHO added that as elderly travelers are at higher risk of serious illness and even death from Covid-19, they should try to avoid/delay travel.

“If you must travel, wear a medical mask. If you must remove your mask, clean your hands before & after and put the mask in a sealed plastic bag.  Try to stay at least one meter away from others, wherever possible. Frequently clean your hands throughout your travel.  Bring disinfectant wipes to clean any surfaces before touching them, and then discard the wipe in a sealed plastic bag. ”

In addition, passengers may complete a form informing health authorities about their possible exposure to cases within the last two weeks (contact with patients among health care workers, visits to hospitals, sharing accommodation with a person sick with COVID-19.

The form should include relevant contact details of passengers who may need to be reached after travel when, for instance, they are identified as a possible contact of a case. It is recommended that such a form be filled during the flight to avoid crowds at the arrival. Authorities may also require arriving passengers to download and utilize a national COVID-control App.


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