Training programme on social media and health at Al Batinah

MUSCAT: The Directorate General of Education, represented by the Department of Educational Awareness in Al Batinah North, concluded its training programme entitled ‘activating social media in awareness programmes.’
The training programme targets media coordinators and nurses in all the schools of the governorate for a week combined with different activities.
The programme was presented by Hamid bin Fadhel Al Shibli from the General-Directorate of Education and an awareness specialist.
The workshop focused on introduction to the contribution of social communication in the life of society and the reasons that led to the course also tackled the advantages and disadvantages of using social media, identifying types of social networking sites, training participants on the basis of social networking sites, and discussing social networking networks and their impact on health, the benefits of social networking
A paper on ways to increase the consecutive accounts per site was also part of the programme.
In the sessions, different social media highlighted the importance in the society and how to activate them in daily life in a positive manner.
It was recommended that such awareness issues should be discussed through different social media to raise awareness in the community.