Training programme for Kazakhstani students at IMCO

SUHAR, JULY 29 – The Kazakhstan Maritime University (KMA) has now for the second time sent students to the International Maritime College Oman (IMCO), so as to prepare them for their Certificate of Competence examination at the Ministry of Transport and Communication (MoTC). The Maritime Department of IMCO has drawn up a training programme for these students in their respective fields so as to ensure that they have the required level of knowledge and self-confidence to undergo these oral examinations.
On July 16, 2017 18 KMA students arrived in the early hours of the morning and they started classes on the next day.
The students consist of 11 Marine Engineering Officer Cadets and 7 Deck Officer Cadets who have already graduated and completed their required sea-time. They will be attending classes until August 27, to prepare them
for their respective examinations at MoTC.
If they pass these examinations, they will be qualified Deck and Marine Engineering Officers and their careers at sea will formally begin as officers. With the previous batch of cadets, 100 per cent of the KMA students passed the examinations and the preparations at IMCO will have the same result with this batch.

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