Traffic signals at Hamriyah Roundabout mooted

Muscat: The Municipal Affairs Committee (for the Muscat governorate), chaired by the Wali of Muttrah, recently discussed the possibility of installing traffic signals at the busy Hamriyah Roundabout.
By regulating the flow of traffic from three directions through traffic lights, the possibility of congestions and accidents involving both pedestrians
and vehicles can be minimised especially during busy morning and evening hours, it felt.
Hamriyah, one of the densely populated areas of the capital, sees a sizeable pedestrian movement with people crossing the road for public transportation. The meeting also discussed the issue of parking of taxis on the Sea Road in Muttrah at places other than those allocated for them.
“There is a need to take steps to resolve the problem of parking at the Muttrah Sea Road, including awareness steps and actions against any violations,” it said.
The meeting discussed several topics related to regulation of the use of residential buildings for commercial purposes and beautification of the seaside in Darsait, including building of concrete barriers.