Traffic lights in Muscat roundabouts to be installed soon

Muscat: Muscat Municipality has implemented various road lighting projects to reduce traffic congestion and improve the city’s façade under a sustainable development programme for the city.

The municipality’s lighting department has been making efforts in the implementation of lighting projects in various public squares, main and service roads, and all urban areas.

The authority has been replacing the current lightings with energy-saving LEDs since 2018 in several main streets of Muscat Governorate, including the Quriyyat-Sur road.

A total of 7,000 lightings have been replaced with LEDs until mid-month February this year, with a completion rate of 85 per cent.

The municipality seeks to rationalise electricity consumption, conserve energy and achieve sustainable development standards. It seeks to deploy smart applications, which will help reduce maintenance and operating expenses resulting.

The lighting department has completed the implementation of internal road lighting projects (35km) in various wilayats of Muscat, including Al Amerat, Ghala, Bausher, Ministries Street, Al Khuwair, Seeb, Mabela, and Al Khoud among others. It also completed the replacement of light poles including 443 electric PVC protected materials in all the wilayats of Muscat Governorate.

The Muscat Municipality will activate new traffic lights on the roundabouts Seeb, Amerat, Al Mawaleh Roundabout, Mazoon Roundabout, and Al Salam Roundabout at other places in the coming period. Work is underway in the implementation of the traffic lights on four roundabouts, including at Amerat and Burj Al Sahwa. The project includes a control center equipped with sensors and cameras to regulate the flow of traffic during peak hours.

The municipality said it received 6,914 requests for installation for new street lights, of which 6,578 of them were completed.