Traders urged to capitalize on Oman’s enhanced maritime links

Muscat: Oman runs 200 weekly maritime services to 86 commercial ports across more than 40 countries, according to Asyad, the Middle East’s comprehensive logistics provider. Supported by enhanced technological capabilities, world-class clearance procedures and strong safety measures, the services enable the direct import and export of a variety of goods, commodities, vegetables, fruits and meat globally — linking the Sultanate’s ports to other key Gulf, regional and international ports.

Bader al Na’abi, Global Markets & Business Development Director at Asyad, said: “We invite all traders and importers to take advantage of our direct services, which support an increasing number of merchants and importers in bringing goods to Oman. They avail of our ports’ excellent facilities and benefit from reduced shipping, handling and unloading charges.

“Oman has direct services to key international shipping routes that include 14 weekly services to nine ports in the US, three in the UK, three in the Netherlands, five in Germany, and further European ports in Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Belgium, Malta, Romania, Ukraine, and Russia.

“Across Asia, Oman has a wide network of direct routes, including 29 weekly routes to eight commercial ports in China, 21 weekly routes to Indian ports, and services to ports in South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand.”

Al Na’abi added that direct shipping routes operating from Omani ports serve several ports in Africa, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea including; Port Said and Damietta in Egypt, ports in Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar and Sudan in addition to Morocco and Beirut. The direct shipping lines schedule also includes 60 services to GCC ports.

In line with the Omani government’s strategy of building a global logistics hub in the Sultanate, Asyad continues to establish new alliances with international shipping companies to harness the full potential of Oman’s ports and provide trusted global shipping solutions.

Customer experience has been positive with a number of importers, such as Transworld Shipping and Vega Shipping, complementing existing direct line services provided by Oman, which offer their companies imports from India and Saudi Arabia with faster and better services.

Using Oman’s vast network of direct routes saves time. Voltmap Energy SAOG of India, who import 80 per cent of their raw materials via Sohar Port, make a 50 per cent time saving through direct routing compared to an indirect routing time of 7-10 days.

Omani ports continue to provide importers with highly efficient customs clearance. Importers benefit from concessions on handling, shipping and unloading fees and  extended free storage periods for goods destined for local markets. Furthering their commitment to their customers, alongside the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ASYAD recently launched a call center for all customer inquiries and requests.