Tourist expo on Shabab Oman II at Denmark’s Aalborg Maritime Fest

AALBORG: Aalborg Maritime Festival 2019 was inaugurated in Aalborg in the Kingdom of Denmark with the participation of the Royal Navy of Oman Vessel (RNOV) Shabab Oman II, along with 72 sailing boats from all over the world under the patronage of the city’s mayor.
The mayor welcomed the participants to the festival. The opening ceremony was attended by a large number of visitors who came to see the ships, the festival and the accompanying events.

The festival, which will last until tomorrow, July 6, will be the first stop of the long sailboat regattas, organised by the Sail Training International. It will be conducted in stages in a number of European countries and will end in the Danish city of Aarhus in early August.
The vessel opened its doors for visitors, tourists and other participating crews in order to view the exhibits and pictures of the history of Oman and its bright presence under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.
A tourist exhibition on the Sultanate is organised onboard of Shabab Oman II by the Ministry of Tourism. It includes pamphlets, leaflets and tourist maps aimed at promoting for tourism in the Sultanate and highlighting natural, historic, civilised landmarks, as well as achievements of the Omani Renaissance.
The participation of the ship (‘Second Youth of Oman’) at the Aalborg Maritime Festival comes within the framework of its international voyage (the mantles of glory and peace), which will visit a number of Middle Eastern and European ports and participated in a number of European maritime festivals. The most important of which this year is the International Friendship Award at the end of the Freedom Race for long sailing ships in the Dutch city of Iskheven, the first place in category A and the first place on the general level during its flight from The Hague in the Netherlands to Skagen, Denmark.
The race started in The Hague in Netherlands and ended in Skagen, Denmark. The crewmembers of Shabab Oman II won the race after overtaking Belem (France) close to the finish line following a strong competition between the two A-class vessels. — ONA