To have or not?

Lakshmi Kothaneth –

We are just completing the first week of 2017. The new year comes with it a set of hopes, dreams and resolutions. Every new year is a moment of inspiration that generates calendars and planners. It is an opportunity for a fresh start.
It is almost a tradition worldwide to take a list out on what one would like to achieve in the new year. Some would be quietly determined about it while others would share it. While some successfully achieve it, some others never complete the process giving up half way or forgetting about it totally when the new year brings its share of surprises.
Jabber al Busaidy who is from the corporate world says, “I am going to start lecturing in the field I love the most, which is marketing. This is a passion and I hope in 2017 I would be able to achieve it.”
A young RJ Sweet Sal, she has her set of plans too, “I plan to wake up earlier than now, be more organised and punctual. “
“I want to lose weight and eat healthy, start a new job, earn well and donate some to the needy. I am to start a new job in 2017. And I am excited. Want to travel and meet new people. I just want to touch lives that are helpless that is the best satisfaction one can act. We have to work hard to achieve our dreams. But sometimes we push them away due to circumstances and that is why it is good to have resolutions,” explained Beatriz Noronha. Srinivas Vandra from Andhra Pradesh works at a manpower company. He works long hours and also has aspirations and that is for his daughter to get married in the year 2017. “She is young and works as a tailor but as a father I want to see her married and settled.”
Ask Shaza Tahar what is her new year resolution and she says, “I don’t have any yet. I have stopped doing new year resolutions because I prefer going with the flow and see what the new year will bring me.”
“I think every day we can make a resolution. I have seen so many people make resolutions who find it difficult to keep. I am OK, I do enough sports, do not smoke and do not plan to go on a diet,” laughingly says Manuela Gupberlet.
This is what a springboard Trainer and an expert on empowerment, Aisha al Shoily have to say — “New year resolutions are a good idea if you can actually keep them otherwise it is a constant reminder of you failing again. I do keep new year resolutions but not always successful in achieving them. My resolution for this year is not to have any and live each day and just enjoy them. But obviously I do have goals but I do not want to restrict them as new year resolutions because I do not want to lose it. But I do believe in resolutions. There is one thing I want to do whole heartedly whether it is a new year resolution or not and that is to practice gratitude. There is so much to be grateful for. Every day be grateful for living into another year and that is what I want to do for the year 2017.”
As for Rudhaina Amur al Hajri, it is a list of twelve
1. Relax
2. Think outside the box
3. Do what I love
4. Read a book a month
5. Start each day with five goals
6. Drink more water
7. Drink less coffee
9. Save some money
10. Have more patience
11. Exercise
12. Love myself more