Tiny tots impress audience on annual sports day


MUSCAT: Indian School Muscat observed the Annual Sports Day of classes III and IV recently. Hamed Said al Khatri, Omani Olympian shooter, was the chief guest.
Al Khatri was the flag bearer for Oman at Rio Olympics.
The highlights of the day were the three drills. A spectacular display of ‘Torch Drill’ was put up by class III of the morning shift.

937043Their rhythmic movements mesmerised the crowd and wowed the audience. The ever ready, assiduous class III and IV of the afternoon shift did the ‘Fan Drill’ in perfect synchronisation.
They conveyed to the audience that they would like to blow away the darkness in and around and fill it with the rainbow colours. The 620 students of class IV showcased their ‘Umbrella Drill’ with meticulous co-ordination.
Finally a melodious Hindi rendition by the students of class IV who communicated to the large gathering that children could do wonders and win accolades by sheer determination and practice.