Time for the great healing

By Dr Priti Swarup 

This is it. A tiny virus is what it took the whole world to realize where we are heading to. An invisible organism made the humanity stop and see how lost we were. Somewhere, we all had started taking this freedom for granted. Instead of blaring horns, it’s time to listen to the birds singing in distance and cool breeze flowing besides. It’s time to give break to the vehicles, time to let the mother earth breathe too. Time to let the sky adorn its natural blue, grey and white. Here’s a list of ten things we are not able to do, but can surely do a lot more and in a much better way:

  • Can’t go to work – Work from home, try to make the best of technology. Shall save lot of other resources too. Fuel, food, water bottles for meeting, to name a few.
  • Can’t play sports – Try playing peek-a-boo with your child. Try playing snakes & ladders with your little one and see the sheer joy he/she gets when you get bitten by that not-so-long snake and slip down to smaller number on the board! Try your hand at scrabble once again and multiply the joy of learning with your kids. Try chess or monopoly and see your brain cells getting tickled in a completely different way.
  • Can’t go to gym or walk – Do your stretches at home, try yoga, help your partner with regular chores. Sit in the balcony, enjoy the morning/evening breeze with open mind, listen to the birds singing, let the freshness sink in.
  • Can’t socialize outside – Try calling old friends with whom you lost touch because of busy work schedules. Try spending time with family, listen to them with complete focus. Talk to your parents, listen to their issues with commitment, call old relatives, take an account of their health.
  • Getting bored at home or feeling restless – Meditate, calm your mind, experiment with colours, dance to your favourite songs. Hold hands and have long talks with your partner.
  • Can’t go to your favourite restaurant – Try making the dish in your own kitchen with better hygiene and peace of mind of not having to drive all the way and search for parking.
  • Can’t go to movies or malls – Watch good documentaries or old movies on television and try spending time kids with no homework to do.
  • Can’t show off for weddings – Try minimizing the list of invitees to the closest people, you’ll eventually realize who are the people who really matter to you the most.
  • Unable to go to library – Try finding an old gem from the in-house library, read it out again, or read it on your e-reader, share the joy with others.
  • Can’t go for prayers – Try and learn to communicate with Him silently in your heart.

We the Homo Sapiens, have come to a point where we have realized that we have but one identity. Together we can do. Together we will. This is the time. This is the time to slow down. This is the time to let the world heal, let ourselves heal. When we consciously choose to move from darkness to brighter light, we heal. Stay safe, stay aware.

It’s the time for the Great Healing!