Tight vigil despite less Covid-19 cases in Salalah

Salalah: Even though there has been comparatively far less cases in Salalah than Muscat, the Dhofar Governorate is maintaining all possible protocols to protect the citizens and residents from Covid-19.

So far Salalah has recorded 10 positive Covid-19 cases out of which four have recovered and six are undergoing treatment. The number here is far less than Muscat’s 1010 confirmed cases – 156 recovered and 848 undergoing treatment.

The empty roads here are witness to people’s response over the authorities’ call to remain indoors and maintain social distancing as much as possible.

“We have been maintaining strict vigil by telling people to remain indoors as much as possible and not to step out if there is no urgency of buying medicines or groceries and we are happy that people are adhering to our call,” said an official of the Royal Oman Police.

The police and other administrative bodies are maintaining strict vigil in congested areas like Sanaya where factory workers live in large numbers and work in automobile workshops, and many other small workshops including those dealing in steel and carpentry ones.

While the civic bodies are inspecting the workers’ accommodations and spraying insecticides in this area on regular basis, the Ministry of Health is conducting regular camps to examine Covid-19 cases. They call upon people across the nationalities to come for examination. They collect samples on the basis of an individual’s health parameters and if the symptoms match with Covid-19.

“But yes the movement here is not as restricted as Muscat. Some people are not understanding the gravity of the situation and not only visiting shops for essential shopping without masks, they are not respecting the social distancing also,” said a shopper at a hypermarket in central Salalah.

Such cases, however, are stray cases as most of the big supermarkets are maintaining social distancing by earmarking places for billing and even for shopping.