Three-day-long Onam festivities

A three-day-long celebration of Onam, an Indian festivity that marks the victory of good against evil was announced here on Tuesday, by the Malayalam Wing under the Indian Social Club registered with the Ministry of Social Development. Accordingly, the celebrations which have already begun with stage and offstage competitions will be summed up on September 19, 20 and 21 at the Al Falaj Hotel in Ruwi.
Adding further colour to the celebrations, Lal, an acclaimed actor and director who has also proved his mettle in scripting and producing films and bagged awards at the national level, will be honoured by Malayalam Wing.
On the first day of the marathon celebrations where the Indian Ambassador will be the chief guest, Sabareesh Prabhakar and his team will perform a musical fusion along with other cultural performances by Muscat residents.
“On the second day, we will recognise the winners of all competitions held in connection with Onam celebrations along with prizes for academic excellence”, Abraham Mathew, Convenor of the Wing said.
The grand feast of typical Kerala Onam special meals called ‘sadya’ will see nearly 4,000 plus visitors devouring the delicacies on the third day.