Three centuries at GCC Men’s Snooker Single

The best-of-five GCC Men’s Snooker Single 2019 on Monday turned out to be a big day with players scoring three centuries. Mohammed Shehab (UAE) scored 132, Habib Subah (Bahrain) 100 and Master Player Mohanna Obaidli (Qat) 103.
The Director General for Sports Activities at the Ministry of Sports Affairs, Khalifa bin Saif al Isaee, after visiting the GCC Billiards Sports tournament being held at Levatio Hotel, Muscat said that he is happy to note that Oman Billiard and Snooker Committee has been successful in hosting the Championship.
“I think this is a great opportunity to bring up young players and there would be many initiatives to achieve that goal from the OBSC,” he said.
Meanwhile, the UAE team celebrated the National Day with great jubilation at the Levatio Hotel, the venue of the GCC Billiards Sports Championship 2019, Oman.
The referees were unanimous when they said they were seeing high level performances.
In the League matches held on Monday, Mohammed Shehab (UAE) bt Ahmed Abble (Kuw) 3-1, Ahmed al Asiri (KSA) bt Mohanna al Obaidli (Qat) 3-1, Habib Subah (Bah) bt Jalal Hashmani (Oma) 3-0, Omar al Ajlani (KSA) bt Abdullah Kandari (Kuw) (3-2), Sadiq Abdul Ghani (Bah) lt to Ahmed Saif (Qat) 0-3 and Omar Busaidi (Oma) lt to AbdulRehman Shamsi (UAE) 2-3.
(2nd round): Jalal Hashmani (Oma) lt to Ahmed al Asiri (KSA) 0-3, Mohammed Shehab (UAE) bt Mohanna al Obaidli (Qat) 3-1, Habib Subah (Bah) bt I Ahmed Abble (Kuw) 3-0, Omar al Busaidi bt Abdullah Kandari (Kuw) 3-2, AbdulRehman Shamsi (UAE) bt Sadiq AbdulGhani (Bah) 3-1, Ahmed Saif (Qat) bt Omar al Ajlani (KSA) 3-1.
On Tuesday the third and fourth sessions for the GCC Men’s Snooker Single will continue at 10 AM and 4 PM respectively. The semifinals will be held on Wednesday at 4 PM, best of seven frames, with No 1 of Group A Vs No 2 of Group B and No 1 of Group B Vs No 2 of Group A.
The final, best of nine frames, will be held at 11 am on Thursday, December 5, 2019.