Three Asian expats die in ship accident at Sohar

Three Asian expatriate workers died after they fell in to the wooden storage compartment of a cargo ship that was anchored at the Sohar Port, reported the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances (PACDA).
The statement said that the victims inhaled chemicals that were used to to preserve the wooden components of the ship.

The management of Sohar Port and Free Zone has issued a statement regarding the accident. The company said that the accident took place on Saturday at 9:30pm in the operations of one of the general cargo ships, leading to the deaths of three workers.

The company said the accident did not cause any environmental repercussions, nor put the safety of any individuals on board the ship at risk. The statement went on to say that an investigation is underway.

The port management expressed its condolences to the families of those killed, stressing its keenness to ensure that the highest of safety standards are implemented across the port’s various operations. Further details will be revealed as the investigations progress. 



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