This film competition honours three inspiring young photographers

After someone dies, the people left behind have the burden of carrying on with their lives. Though a loved one may be gone, you can keep their memory and legacy alive by honouring them in many different ways. Those who have made an impact and left a lasting difference in the community should be celebrated not only for when they were alive but also even when they are already dead.
In the field of photography, the names of Mohammed al Nahdi, Ahmed al Abadi and Oman al Adawi will always be remembered. While their families will always celebrate their legacy, others too will come to know them and remember them thanks to an initiative that will guarantee the longevity of their talent, creativity, youth and passion. The OMQ Film Award is an artistic initiative inspired by the passion of the three young deceased photographers. It is a memorial award that challenges other young creatives to follow and be inspired by the values and work ethics lived by the three creatives. The award also encourages the advancement of filmmaking among creative and innovative Omani youth. Its overall goal is to showcase what the Omani youth can do not only locally but also abroad. “In honour of the contributions they made in the field of photography, and embodying the sincere desire to make an impact, we launched this award,” Khalid al Abri, the Founder of OMQ Photography Award, said. “This award is an opportunity to lay down the foundation of a local cinema that can influence and promote an atmosphere of competition among young people and also demonstrate our support to their unique artistic talents,” Al Abri added. Through the award. He also said that “It will prepare local films to compete in a regional and international level. We believe in the importance of cinema in creating culture, imparting ideas and opinions neutrally. It is also an efficient method to develop the skills of the youth and create positive societal changes. The award will encourage Omani youth to express their own imagination and to develop this field in creative and artistic ways that contribute to strengthening local cinematic production,” he added.
The prizes will be as follows: RO 5,000 for the best integrated film, RO 3,000, for the best idea and RO 2,000 for the incentive award. As for individual awards, RO 1,000 each will be given to the best director, best photographer, best actor/actress, best cinema effects editor and best sound engineer.
The film award is open to youth aged between 18 to 35 years old. Participants should fill-up the form in the website Only films made with digital cameras will be accepted, and these films should have been produced after January 1, 2019. Films shot with smartphones will not be accepted. The length of the film should be from three to ten minutes. Films that are previously presented in front of an audience in and out the Sultanate will be excluded. The deadline for submission is April 22, 2020.
Submission of the film in all languages is permitted, but it should include a translation in Arabic. Teaser must be attached to the film (poster, short visual ad, or both). Any films that contain technical problems in sound and video, offensive, racist, or materials contrary to morals, principles, and religious norms will be accepted. The award is entitled to use the film to promote for the award, and the owner of the film retains the intellectual property of the film. The jury has the right to withhold any of the prizes if the works do not meet the conditions or if they are below the technical level.