Theatrical play on hygiene held in Nizwa

NIZWA: Al Smoud Civil Theatrical Band held a play entitled ‘Tender and Growth’ during the closing ceremony of Alayat Nizwa youth which was organised by Alayat Nizwa Waqf in cooperation with Al Smoud team of Nizwa Club.
The play deals with many important aspects such as awareness, hygiene and volunteer work. Moreover, the interest in modern technologies in agriculture and not depending on others through the scenes of the comedy. Written and directed by Assad bin Masoud al Rashidi, the cast includes Nasser bin Ahmed al Shuraiqi, Ali bin Juma al Riyami, Ali bin Fathil al Kindi, Mahmoud bin Hamoud al Riyami and Talal bin Hamad al Shukaili.
Assad, the director, says: “Our participation is among the priorities in supporting social events of institutions. We hope to continue these activities and presenting that is new and useful to the society and its different categories.”