The young lady with music on her finger tips

Young children show keenness in a variety of interests but parents never know if one of those interests could be their calling in life. At the age of four, Zara al Yousef was always fascinated with the musical keyboard. Although she did not know how to play it then, she likes the way the keys of the piano sounded which led to her wanting to own her very own piano.
Twenty years later she finally got her very own.
Fast forward to October 23, 2018, and Zara is on stage with her white piano decorated with white flowers at the edge. It was a performance she will never forget made special by the fact that she was performing at an Omani Women’s Day celebration and Omani Youth Day at Oman Tel organised by Oman Journalism Association.

She was lost in her own world, the artist in her taking over. Every keystroke leaving the audience mesmerized. Many wanted to take their picture with her or want to record her playing the piano. She was at ease because she was doing exactly what she was set out to do as a child.
Following a childhood dream might sound ordinary and an everyday incident but what makes Zara extraordinary is that she has learnt music by the ear. With a degree in Electronic Business Administration from Higher College of Technology, she is a self-taught musician took a bold step to enter the market in an innovative way and that is through the social media.
Her Instagram account @zara.pianist has 37.5k followers and she has her own YouTube channel as well to let her followers and fans keep up with what’s happening in her life.
“I began to play the piano by the ear without notes and without going to a Music Academy or going to an instructor. I keep practising every day and I have a passion for music and especially the piano. It is only this passion that has made me today a professional pianist,” explained Zara.
She can play any musical note once she hears it.
One can catch her performances at Grand Hyatt and Kempinski Hotel.
It is only three years since the white piano has joined her. Her name is posted on the piano and the musical instrument is almost an extension of her when she is playing.
“After twenty years I got my own piano. I am grateful I got a lot of opportunities to perform in public. This has helped me a lot,” confessed Zara.
She is often requested to perform at weddings, “The women’s wedding ceremony needs female pianist and I was the only one in Oman and the first one to do so in Oman who was out there to do it. I entered the market with this,” she shared.
So she has been fulfilling the dream of many brides to feature piano music on their wedding. She has been part of local and international events.
“It has been 26 years of journey with the musical notes,” Zara said. Only when you have a conversation with her one would realize how serious she is about her music.