The world after the pandemic

By Dr Saleh al Fahdi

The spread of the Corona pandemic “COVID-19” brings to mind deep and legitimate questions, regarding conspiracy, perpetrator, beneficiary, and the image of the world prior to the recent catastrophe.

We no longer exclude any thoughts; and as the popular saying goes – “truth is a prey of wars”, and taking this a step further – it is a prey of crisis too.

Hollywood in the last and current decades has produced “fiction” classified cinematic movies whose horrific scenes, match today’s scenarios with uncanny similarity in the details and scenes.

Some of those movies were in fact, based on novels wherein authors worked on plots that were derived from reality. The novel “Eyes of the Darkness” in which the author has predicted the types of scenarios that might happen in the world, stemming from undercover secret worlds that are controlled by wealthy and/or elites, is a case in point.

As per the authors and filmmakers – the elite and wealthy are trying to push the majority of human beings into what British author David Icke named a “Hunger Games Society”. In order for us to understand the meaning of this, we have to go back to a novel called “Hunger Games” written by American writer Suzanne Collings, where the writer pictured Hunger Games as an annual festival in society. In the book, a male and a female aged between 12-18 years, are randomly selected from each of the twelve provinces surrounding the capital, to fight each other till death, within a reality TV show. The show ends with the survival of one winner.

David Icke has explained the intention behind the title on a show called “London Real”, mentioning that the rich in the world, which he called the “one percent” in proportion, aim to eliminate small and medium enterprises so that the large corporation such as Amazon – according to him — remain and expand (which is in fact happening, given the pandemic).

Even the news reported recently that Amazon has employed an extra 100,000 employees to manage the increase of online shopping, while another large corporation Walmart has employed 150,000 people to meet the growth in online shopping and demand as a result of the Corona virus pandemic, which has forced the world to stay at home.

Returning to David Icke’s talk, we can connect it by another explanation provided by the book “The Shock Doctrine” written by Naomi Klein, in which she talks about causing huge incidents, or using natural disasters to reshape reality based on a pre-planned blueprint.

This is what observers, interpreters and scholars are predicting, regardless of the intention, conspiracy, or the nature of the crisis; the world will not be the same after Covid 19.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said: “The world after this epidemic is heading towards a stage where nothing will be as it was before and we will witness an emerging of a new world in political, economic and social levels, and Turkey is entering this new stage with great advantages and strong infrastructure.”

The characteristics of this new world will appear in several images formed by the victors of the epidemic, in a way that is consistent with their interests and aims. By approving their abilities to deal with the epidemic crisis with high efficiency and great responsibility they provide evidence of their willingness to reshape the world. This is what China has demonstrated in dealing with the pandemic, in terms of providing medical aid and health assistance to the affected countries, including some European countries that seemed shaky in dealing with the crisis. Unlike China, the US closed its borders to its European allies and other countries of the world.

A new world will emerge after this epidemic, one which will witness a change of leadership towards China, and many governments will restore their power back on the account of privatization, civil society institutions and democracy.

The countries that are unable to understand the upcoming future of the world after coronavirus pandemic will be paralyzed in the pursuit of changing and join the advancement marathon. While countries that are able to see an opportunity in this crisis, will benefit in various aspects such as relationships with other countries, future vision, crises management and technology.