The Unsung Heroes

MUSCAT: “Being positive is the most negative word of the season”, a lesson taught by the pandemic Coronavirus during this period of uncertainty.

However, albeit teaching so many lessons, the season has also given us myriad images of heroes from different sectors of society. Doctors and paramedics belonging to the Ministry of Health, the dedicated officials of the Royal Oman Police (ROP), and NGOs reaching life-saving medicines across the breadth and width of the country.

Never to forget the cleaners belonging to various contracting companies and Muscat Municipality who sacrifice themselves in setting hygiene, healthy surrounding congruent to a Corona free environment.

The medical fraternity has been delivering commendable service to humanity on a 24/7 basis during the period with no stones unturned towards making sure the country is free from the virus.

The Health Ministry had set up six testing centres in the capital area, Sablat Muttrah, Muttrah and Jibroo PHC’s, Muttrah Municipality Parking area, Hasan bin Tabit School and Hai al Mina Centre in the initial days of the virus outbreak to check both citizens and expats for infection.

“Health workers are in the frontline of COVID19 outbreak response team and this exposes them to hazards including exposing to the pathogen (COVID19), fatigue, burnout, psychological stress and the like,” Dr Saleha al Jadidi, Head of Consultant Psychiatry and Geriatrics at Al Masarra Hospital.

“Life has become hectic after COVID19 erupted. However, taking it positively that we can fight the pandemic”, Dr Sulaiman, Senior Specialist who is doing clinical duties in North Sharqia Health Center and assisting patients seeking consultation and treatment, sending them to reference hospitals, and the like.

“Medical or healthcare profession is one profession where the balance has to be maintained between social distancing as well as healthcare of the patients. Hence, a doctor and medical staff have to be physically present to see the patients regularly but were advised to use proper healthcare measures.

Moreover, she said, health workers are also mentally stressed about the possibility of transmitting the virus to their families and stress among Health workers is quite normal situation-based on circumstances of COVID19.

“However, it can cause a major effect on them as they may develop depression or anxiety along with other psychiatric problems and these may affect them and their families. Therefore managing psychosocial wellbeing is highly important just as physical health”.

Dr Raman, Chairman and Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Al Hayat International Hospital feels that the very thought of death from corona brings more fear, anxiety and in some even panic the reasons are manifold although the fear of death is universal.

“It is part and parcel of the survival instinct.”

“We have been rendering testing services and have carried out scores of tests so far ever since our Hospital has been dedicated to COVID-19 test and treatment”, says Doctor Hamed al Harthy, Hospital Director, Al Nahda Hospital.
“We have so far dealt with both positive and negative cases until now. We divided our emergency department into two separate areas, one to receive the Corona cases and the other one to receive normal cases and they are following guidelines and pathways in managing and administering the cases”, adds he.

At a time when the world is passing through the COVID-19 pandemic and petrifying news daily, these frontline warriors in the battle, the doctors, nurses, paramedics, and administration and support staff personnel are standing head and shoulders above the rest in making themselves all prepared to fight till the end for the sake of the society.
These heroes need to be illustrated and made known. Families of these unsung heroes can be proud for they have a member who let everything go in protecting the society from all evils.