The Sweet Secret


Oh no, you say, sweets are bad for health!”
No truer words were spoken. However, in what context, makes all the difference. I can assure you that you will never experience a ‘guilt complex’ hereafter.
We all have experienced those euphoric festive moments when serotonin [happy hormone] levels peak and the mind and body are filled with pure joy and an adrenalin [action] rush of boundless energy.
Have you ever noted that every celebration flaunts delectable sweets, in one form or the other? For instance, you have the Asian and Middle Eastern Halwa; the European Wedding, Birthday, and Christmas Cakes; apart from the many traditional regional sweets.
Why sweets, you wonder? Why are many celebrations associated with desserts or something sweet?
Because it is a tradition passed down from our ancestors who knew the secret. What Secret, you ask?
The five senses play a vital role in our lives and daily lifestyle. When we take our routine for granted and allow the body and mind to slow and quiet-down into monotony, do you know what happens next?
Serotonin [the Happy Hormone] levels decline. Adrenalin [the Action Hormone] levels dip. Consequently, the Metabolism — likened to the body Fire that converts Fat & Calories into Energy — slows.
It is why when we are sad, it’s easy to put on weight.
When you experience boredom, you should get yourself moving. Look on the bright side of life. Dress-up if you have to. Give yourself a dinner. Go to the theatre. Invite friends over… celebrate, enjoy the moment of being alive! You owe it to yourself.
Happy people are healthy, look smart and attract others like ‘a bee to the honey-pot’ with their vibrant and positive energy.
When the body is in this ‘high-happy’ state, it requires energy to feed the Serotonin [happy hormone] and Adrenalin [action]. Sweets are the answer!
Bright and sparkling lights encourage the happy hormone. But above all else, treat yourself to delectable, appetising sweets.
A platter of assorted sweets, a scrumptious decorated cake or delicious pudding titillate the taste buds and salivary glands, putting you in a state of ‘high’, raising your Metabolism, the body fire.
Begin and end your meal on a sweet note. It encourages the salivary glands in your mouth to release digestive enzymes [saliva].
Do you now wonder why certain people are always happy, full of energy, eat just what they want to, and are fit and beautiful/handsome?
They know the Secret of ‘Life:’
Happy foods when you want it
Dress and look smart
Party and bright lights
The Secret is, knowing how to convert ‘being alive’ into ‘One Big, Constant Celebration’! In return, ‘Life’ will gift you with health, happiness, peace, beauty, and unlimited energy.
Sounds too good to be true but it’s the reality.
Life is sweet. Go ahead and live it and when you appreciate life more, our signature song will be “What a Wonderful World”!