The summer retreat to beat the heat

MUSCAT, JULY 7 – The Wilayat of Izki in Dakhiliyah governorate received rains on Sunday due to the cumulus clouds formed around Al Hajr Mountains. On a daily basis there are chances of clouds development, isolated rain and occasional thundershowers over Al Hajr Mountains during the afternoons. Many like to dash to Jabal Akhdhar to take a quick break to experience pleasant weather — it means just for a day or two. “When we reached Barkat al Mouz in the Al Dakhiliyah Governorate the temperature was around 39 degrees Celsius. Everyone likes to hang around to spend some time at the Falaj Al Khatmeen and visit the Mosque — Masjid Al Yaraba, which has the fascinating old design for its structure,” said Mohammed al Zedjali, who took a one day break to Jabal Akhdhar.”
Being part of Al Hajr Mountains that has its own summer charm, Jabal Akhdhar is a perfect site as a summer retreat. “Leaving from Barkat Al Mouz which is located on the foothills, ascend to the mountain is exciting. Within just a few kilometres we could feel the difference in the temperature. By the time we reached Hail al Musabit it was about 26 to 27 degrees Celsius by late evening. The young residents of the mountain are awaiting the customers to sell their products ranging from rose water to zatter leaves and frankincense oils. The crop of the season is pomegranates,” noted Al Zedjali.
“Besides there are lot of cliffs that are natural balconies and families like to sit out there for the picnics. Barbecues are the favourite activity,” he added. “Jabal Akhdhar today has many amenities for the visitors and Saiq has most of the restaurants, but most importantly the weather makes all the difference,” explained Fahad al Zedjali. Meanwhile, the low clouds formed in the coast of Dhofar have been bringing in the monsoons drizzle and the Arabian Sea coast has been rough with maximum wave height of 4.0 metres.