The secret behind blowing the perfect bubble

Scientists have found a fail-proof technique that will produce the perfect soap bubble. Experts at the Applied Math Lab of the New York University took things seriously and formulated the most efficient way to create bubbles. The new study was published in the journal American Physical Society. After a series of bubble-blowing experiments, the researchers were able to figure out two ways a person can create the perfect bubble: first is to blow a steady and strong wind on the plastic wand, and second is to blow a gentle wind in an already inflated film of soap to create a bigger bubble. Researchers say that the first method is less common.
“This second method might explain how we often blow bubbles as kids: a quick puff bends the film outward and thereafter the film keeps growing even as the flow of air slows,” stated Leif Ristroph, co-author of the study. The methods are backed by a previous study from French physicists who had also played with bubbles a couple of years ago using dishwashing soap and weighted fishing line. They found that the bubbles can only be created above a certain speed and depending on the width of the jet of the air being used. Researchers also applied mathematical models to understand the mechanisms that create the perfect bubble.
The methods of the perfect bubble blowing technique are also meant to be applied to consumer products that involve bubbles or any droplets such as foams, sprays and emulsions.