The Power of Observation

Shared Thoughts – Nizar al Musalmy – – As soon as we entered the hotel lobby, I heard the mother of junior telling junior and his sister that the place looks neat, the surface is dust free, the floor is shiny and the air smells fresh. She said this hotel has a general touch of cleanness and quietness. I was impressed that with just a glance she could observe that far. As we entered the room, she immediately noticed small faults; some bulbs are not in working condition and two chairs have rickety legs and the table is missing one leg and is being propped up by a stool. She also mentioned of some pictures being placed on the table instead of hanging on the walls. When it all became vividly clear to me, I was even more impressed with her observation.
Some people have been blessed with the power of observation so much so that; to others, it is like a miracle. Junior’s grandmother can smell burnt food a kilometre off, however much you try to disguise it. She has a heightened sense of smell, which probably explains her ability to smell dirty socks meters off.
It is indeed interesting to realize how different people take the world through different senses – hearing, seeing or feeling it. Take that day when I came across a fellow who thinks that it counts to be related to someone who is rich or who has some big position. He looks at the rich and the famous and quickly claims that they are his relatives. When I asked him to prove the genealogy; his explanation came in this form “You see my grandmother’s neighbour had a brother who was a maternal uncle to my aunt. That aunt of mine is a sister-in-law to that famous person” And that qualifies him to be his relative.
Of late, I have also developed a habit of carefully observing other men and try as much as possible, to copy their lifestyles. But in the end, my observation results are never too accurate and sometimes completely wrong. But occasionally I also have some power of observation. Take for example last weekend when I saw one neighbour of mine coming home late and spent quite some time outside the door fumbling with keys, shouting louder with each failed attempt to get the right key into the right hole, my observational powers told me that he had consumed some bottle contents.
There are some people who have failed to have a sense of observation. Like on that day when I was in a queue and one person didn’t realize that he got too close to me until I told him so. He couldn’t comprehend that some people need some space. That thing called personal space is important to others and to some, it is larger than it is with others.
Last month one friend of mine came to visit me at home. He came with his friend and silently, mentioned to me that this friend of his, for some reason, could not keep his hands to himself. I knew this person very well but I had not realized that he had that habit and so I assigned myself to observe him. I realized that he is the kind of person who thinks that his hands must always be handling something. He touched and moved almost everything in our seating room. By the time they left, everything had been moved to a new place and the mother of junior was not amused. She had to reinstate them to their original place.
You may naturally focus inward, but when you are at gatherings or at work or at home or in the streets, being a great observer is critical to your success. You will be able to size up what’s working and what isn’t, and adapt your approaches to fit your environment. It’s also easier for good observers to pick up on unspoken messages and clues, resulting in stronger and more compassionate relationships with other people. Enjoy your weekend!