The power of flowers to make one’s day

Flowers are a gift to the earth as every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. Usually, flowers paint contrasting colours and bring joy to people. That is why flowers are seen as loving gifts for the special and loved ones in our life; their reaction post-receiving an elegant bouquet is priceless indeed. It marks a sort of lovely mix of therapy and meditation. Here comes the significance of flowers arrangement as an art that revives one’s sense of inner harmony.
When you think of sending a gift or a token of caring to someone special, just think of flowers as a fantastic gift for every occasion. Flowers can provide you with countless ways to express yourself to another; from picking their favourite colour to designing floral arrangements that unite complexity under the skilful arm of the florist, to sharing a simple souvenir as well. The Wow Gifts, owned by Siham al Jabri, could easily and uniquely express your feelings and deliver your present to the doorstep of loved ones in a record time!
Once upon a time, Siham dreamed of having a flower shop and she believed in where flowers bloom so does hope! Accordingly, she made her mind and worked on making her dream come true. Out of her belief that success comes to only those believing in their dreams, Siham started stepping her foot on the ladder, leaving no stone unturned to reach the top of her dream. In 2017, she celebrated her success of starting her business, Wow Gifts, while she was still an undergraduate at the Higher College of Technology.
As an Accounting Graduate, she was very concerned about budget and financing to run her project. However, she never let go of her dream and started the business from home. Over the years, Siham managed to succeed in sustaining her dream business, which kicked off out of a personal passion for gift-wrapping and a love of flowers. The vision of her dreams are no longer blurred as now, it is closer to reality.
Yes, Siham loves roses and flowers, but she never thought of working in a flower arrangement business! She has never assumed that flower arrangement would be her cup of tea someday for it requires skilful hands and creative imagination and intuition. Matching colours and selecting the type of flowers and other decorative plants to bring out an attention-grabbing bouquet is never an easy task that everyone can manage!
Shedding light on her story, Siham pointed out, “Making a dream come true will not happen overnight. It took me all the way of sacrifice and hard work to fulfil my ambition and bring up my business. Thanks to the firsthand, insightful experience obtained from an Egyptian florist whom I learned a lot. With his support and online intensive self-learning and searching, I could acquire essential know-how of mastering the flowers arrangement art”.
With her firm passion and persistence in learning and doing all what it takes, Siham could master this art and become a skilful young Omani florist. Distinctively, she is not only arranging gorgeous flower bouquets for her customers, but she is providing gift-wrapping, as well as supplying them with gifts and souvenirs options for their loved ones. Moreover, she handles flower arrangements for special occasions and celebrations. Hence, she is bearing her customers’ headache of looking for the appropriate gift for a certain occasion.
What really distinguishes Siham from others is her unmatched proposal of delivering a full-fledged service to customers. Just let her shoulder your responsibility of thinking of the right gift that you want to present to a friend, husband, wife, mother, father or whoever it is. Then she takes the burden of presenting gift’s options, buying the gift, charmingly wrapping it and delivering it with a bouquet of flowers to your loved ones. In other words, her business serves as a one-stop-shop for customers who would like to celebrate their various occasions or commemorate others’ different anniversaries.
“Flowers are a different world, which not everyone can explore unless s/he has the thrill to do so. Whoever intends to make flowers blooming in other’s hearts and glitter in their eyes should have a good taste and sense of creativity. Most importantly, one shall meet the different expectations and interests of people, especially when selecting a present. Therefore, with every single gift and bouquet delivered, I create a distinguished experience to my customers and bring memorable moments for their loved ones”, commented Siham al Jabri.


BY Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami