The pains and triumphs of women on canvas

Amal Ezzat Soliman didn’t dream to become an artist. As a child who loves to watch anime, it just grew on her over the years inspired by the tv shows that helped foster and widen her imagination.
Although she didn’t know it then, she started playing with paper and crayons when she was six years old and was in primary school in Egypt. The pursuit of art and to become a full-pledge artist came much later on.
Amal, as of today, is a graduate of Fine Arts from the Mural Paintings Department of Alexandria University in Egypt. She also holds a Masters and a PhD specialising in Mural Paintings.

In her career so far, she has conducted numerous exhibitions spanning different geographical boundaries. Her artworks had decorated many walls not only from her home country but other parts of the region and the world.
“I draw what the womanhood usually endures in her daily life. Often, she is ignorant of her capabilities that she let’s go so many opportunities that come her way. My focus is to let women think of their potential and to break from and chase their dreams,” she said.
Her recent painting exhibition was held at the Egyptian Embassy in Muscat, in the presence of Tarek El-Molla, Egyptian Minister of Petroleum besides the Ambassadors of Egypt, Tunisia, Netherlands, Sudan, Russia, Jordan, Algeria, and Vice Ambassador of Italy.
Titled ‘Her’, the exhibition was an ode to women all over the world for their fortitude, endurance, her phases of life, patience and their unique role in the society.
“It’s all about ‘HER’ and what SHE has to face in HER everyday life. The emotions and feelings SHE is passing through, everything SHE is affected by — love and hatred, strength and weakness, frustration”, said Amal.
“My exhibition is a little story how SHE has become a real warrior in HER exasperation,” she added.
A visit to the exhibition is a visual journey looking into a dizzying array of emotion-laden work.
It is a reminder of the curses and triumphs of woman— of how her strength comes from being tested by life’s unpredictabilities.
Around 25 artwork were on display at the exhibition with titles like Tears of a Goddess, Was it a Dream, and Alaa, The Deafeater.
Talking of the future, she gets verbose and doesn’t hide her ambitions as an artist.
“I’m humbled at the very thought that I have a long way to go before I make it in the global arena. For this, I keep working and working. With the support and prayers of my friends who love my work I’m pretty sure, we will make it one day,” she said.