The nightmare goes on!

Life is full of challenges and battles. Among them are the pandemics, which usually occur on a scale that crosses international boundaries, affecting a large number of people. Over the past centuries, the world has witnessed different diseases and pandemics. The recent one before COVID-19 being  SARS and Ebola.

 The number of coronavirus infections worldwide is terribly increasing every day if not every single minute! Due to the rapid spread of coronavirus, families and individuals are living in moments of stress and panic. They are all experiencing a real horror! The fact that the world is yet to find a vaccine is making it even worse. So scary how this health outbreak aggressively attacking the whole world so fast.

Countries are busy sparing no effort to combat coronavirus and protect its people. In the local front, The Supreme Committee and the Ministry of Health are leaving no stone unturned to combat the spread of coronavirus. Protecting citizens and residents come as a top priority for the government represented by different bodies.

With the close control of the infections cases, the number of registered cases in the Sultanate is rapidly increasing. Unfortunately, the daily number has reached three digits already! As one hand does not clap, the government’s burden is our responsibility too.

In a bid to win the battle against coronavirus, we should all join forces with the government and adhere to all the instructions and precautionary measures. Despite the instructions of not leaving homes unless for extreme necessity, unfortunately, there are people giving a cold shoulder to the government’s directions. I just wonder how dare they risk their health and safety; going out unnecessarily for shopping, going for a walk outdoor and frequently getting together. I believe there is a need for serious punishments to prevent this kind of reckless behavior.

With the ongoing worldwide struggle of this coronavirus, it seems the world has become ill-prepared to respond to the strong attack of the public-health threatening emergency. Many countries are under threat today of the rapid spread of the virus and struggling to fight back. All are working on different pandemic preparedness plans. They are all on high alert for any unexpected outcomes or emergencies!