The man who feeds the poor in Muttrah

Muscat: In the narrow lanes of Muttrah where people are cooped up inside their homes due to lockdown, Ali Thani’s knock is a relief. The middle aged restaurateur distributes over 1,000 food packets just before iftar everyday.

Close to sunset, he pulls over his 4X4 to a side in the Ayeen area mostly populated by poor expats and starts unloading the bundles of cooked food as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

“Ali Thani has been doing this ever since the Muscat Governorate went under lockdown”, says Issam al Balushi, a social worker and a public servant, who helps the Good Samaritan in his noble mission.

Ali Thani has two restaurants in Muscat and one in Sharqiyah. He dropped out  of school and took up odd jobs to support his family at a younger age.

“I was really feeling miserable when I found that people are not able to  go out and buy their provisions and prepare their meals for iftar and suhoor just as they did last year. All I could do was to bring some food from my restaurants and feed the needy in thus area”, Ali said.

A group of Omani and expatriate youngsters help Ali to distribute the food. The packet contains some fresh fruits, vegetables, cooked rice, harees, makbous, juice and laban bottles which is sufficient for a family of three or four for an evening.

“In the Holy Quran, Allah has said that those who don’t look upon his fellow beings on earth wouldn’t be looked upon by Him in the Day of Judgement. Besides, all the wealth, property, money, name and fame wouldn’t come with you to the grave but only your good deeds will. Those who believe in these verses can’t be anything different from me”, Ali Thani said.