The magic of the humble Omani Rehan

Holistic Wellness

The beauty of its delicate leaves, gorgeous swirl of purple-blue flowers, and refreshing nosing aroma, belie the magical attributes of the wonder Omani Rehan.
Wondering how to snuff out that pimple or beautify that skin? Thinking of ways on how to sooth sore-throat and cough? Both a food and drink enhancer, its innumerable attributes go on and on.
This desert-grown Omani Basil, Rehan in Arabic, is surprisingly more potent than basil varieties grown in tropic and temperate climate countries. Supposedly, the dry, desert environmental conditions are conducive to a concentrate of its medicinal and nutritional elements.
Its oil extract is indispensable to the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industry.
As home remedies, I implore you to save these notes. Rehan has anti-aging, antioxidant, antimicrobial, soothing & sedative properties, and calms the nervous system.

For face and body beautification
(Liquidise in a blender one cup Rehan leaves and flowers and use to treat skin blemishes especially pimples, scars, and uneven and oily skin tone.)

Ingredients (Blend together.)
3 teaspoons liquidised Rehan,
quarter teaspoon freshly powdered cinnamon
half teaspoon powdered almonds
quarter teaspoon fresh lemon juice
one teaspoon finely grated potato

Application: Rub into the face and neck for a minute, leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, wash off with cool water. Used daily, watch that face glow!

For wrinkles –
sagging,dull, dry, wrinkled skin

Ingredients (Blend together.)
3 teaspoons liquidised Rehan
1 teaspoon pure honey
1 teaspoon finely grated apple
half teaspoon juice of orange
one teaspoon yogurt

Application: Gently rub into the face and neck for a minute, leave on for 15 minutes, wash off with cool water. Used daily for rapid results, petal-soft and pearly glow skin!

For body – firm, tone, beautify, remove sun blemishes, skin rash, energise, an anti-inflammatory-relieves rheumatic and arthritic conditions

Ingredients (Blend together.)
three cups liquidised Rehan
one & a half cups yogurt
two teaspoons lemon juice
one cup powdered almond
half cup finely powdered oats
three teaspoons pure honey

Application: Massage body and face thoroughly. If you have a steam bath, sit in it for fifteen minutes, if not, rub your body under a slow, warm shower. Repeat twice or more, a week, for that enviable energy, firm, toned, and radiant skin!

Insect repellent
If you are bitten or stung by an insect, rub a few fresh Rehan leaves into the bite, it will stop the burn or itch, reduce inflammation, and ensure no tissue scarring and pigmentation.

Food and drink
The king of herbs, ancient and popular, belongs to the Mint Family, brims with important health-benefiting phytonutrients. Rehan acts as a digestive, eases stomach cramps and pains.
Food – A handful of fresh Rehan leaves chopped into a crisp salad, have a range of health benefits & adds flavour. Sprinkle torn basil over a tomato and mozzarella salad; add it to tomato-based sauces for pasta, it is one of the main ingredients of the olive oil and herb pasta sauce ‘pesto’.
Drink — Chilled water, juice of lemon, honey, crushed Rehan leaves, makes a refreshing drink. Hot tea with Rehan and honey, boosts the immune system, soothes sore throat and cough.
And so the importance of the humble Rehan [Basil], Greek word meaning ‘king or royal’, is symbolic for love and sometimes its used as an aphrodisiac cannot be over-emphasised! It can also be grown as a beautiful garden or potted plant.

Dr MaryAnn Roberta