The horse stands out

“My extraordinary love to horses left me in a spot where I travel around to shoot only horses, and to focus on equestrian sports. The real start was in 2014 when I attended the equestrian Festival that was under the auspices of the late HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Peace be upon his soul” says Ahmed al Saeedi, an Omani photographer. “Then, I deeply focused on this field to reach professionalism. Many events I covered since then added more value to my work and experience. I invested my time and efforts to allow myself to attend all related festivals and events”.
Following the trends in the social media, Ahmed says: “I allocated a special account for this purpose in Instagram where I tried to showcase a decent content. It was a successful attempt as the works are admired by international and local followers and gave me a super incentive to continue”.
On his future ambitions, he hopes “I wish to cover international events in equestrian sports where I will have a chance to meet international photographers in the field. The target is not impossible, though it seems difficult to reach at the time.