The Hidden Forest

By Al Anood Al Wahaibi

Located in the heart of Muscat, Qurum Nature Reserve, a mangrove forest that protects the mangrove trees and the migratory seabirds was opened early this week for visitors.

The Mangrove forest was under an Open Protected Area according to the Royal Decree No. 38/75. This showcases how the government in Oman takes important measures in conserving the wildlife and natural reserves.

Qurum Nature Reserve is however, finally opened for kayaking trips which are only handled through Wave Summit, a sea adventures tour agency. “It’s been almost 4 years since we started working on the preparations for this project inside Qurum Mangroves”, says Bassam al Jabri, founder and owner of Wave Summit. we have proposed to the Environment Authority many times to run these trips, and have got the approval this year to run kayaking trips without impacting the wildlife in the Mangrove”.

“We have won the approval because I am confident that we are qualified in terms of experience. We are pretty sure that we can run trips without impacting the wildlife. We are fully responsible in running the kayaking tours.” Al Jabri adds.

Wave Summit called it the Hidden Forest because not many people know about the place, many know that it’s a nature reserve but don’t know what it’s inside. Tours and kayaking trips are open from December 20th . For booking: