The Guardian commends government’s for encouraging Omani girls in engineering

London: The Guardian daily has commended the support given by the Sultanate’s government to Omani girls to encourage them to study engineering, which, the paper said, will enhance the girls’ role in domestic development programmes.

In a report published in its website, the Guardian said that the government of the Sultanate has exerted extensive efforts to encourage Omani girls to study in the most renowned world universities.

Oman’s government also followed up the girls through profession advisers and, accordingly, it is not a coincidence that more than half of the number of Omani engineers are women.

The paper took the example of Razan al Lawati, an Omani pipeline engineer who works on a programme to develop the performance of graduates in Petrofac, provider of oilfield services to the international oil and gas industry. Razan affirmed that more than 40 per cent of engineers registered in the postgraduate studies programme are women.

The Guardian described the Sultanate as one of the globally topmost countries having a large proportion of women engineers by ratio of population. The United Kingdom and many Western countries work hard to attract women to the profession of engineering, said the paper, adding that women’s representation in this field is the highest in Eastern Europe and countries of the south.

Quoting the UNESCO, the paper said that, in Britain, only 12 per cent of engineers are women, compared to 50 per cent in the Sultanate, Malaysia and a third of countries such as Costa Rica, Vietnam and Algeria.

In the same context, a report published by US institution Conservation commended the efforts made by the government to develop the skills of women in the Sultanate. It said that a study on Oman Vision 2020, which was replaced by Vision 2040, showed that attention accorded to developing women’s skills is part of the social contract in the Sultanate.

Omani state is a major motivator of personal and professional development of women employed in low-income jobs or having more basic educational background, said the US institution, noting that the government in Oman offered such women many learning, training and employment programmes aimed at helping them contribute to the national economy. –ONA

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