The essence of worship in Ramadhan

Ramadhan during Covid-19 has brought unique experience while practising fasting during the holy month.

Of course there are challenges like not being able to shop as done in the previous years.  But this is an opportunity, says Hatim al Abdulsalam from the Islamic Information Centre, Oman.

It is an opportunity to practice minimalism because what the COVID-19 has led is to bring down extravagance.

Joy as an emotion that ought to exist throughout the year, but the month of Ramadhan gives us more joy because it is directly connected with our qualities and virtues said Hatim.

“In this difficult moment going through Ramadhan under the pandemic, I think it is an opportunity to be happy, because we are with our loved ones”, he said adding, “the family ties have become closer.  Previously we used to have Ramdhan gatherings with the extended family.  Maybe we did not have the time for our close family members like our sons, daughters and spouse. But this Ramadhan for the first time in my life I lead prayers at home with my family – wife and children.  It has not just brought joy for me but it has brought joy to the heart of my family”.

The one-time opportunity has brought in unexaggerated and simple iftars, noted Hatim. “This aspect brings in joy too because we realise we are conserving the environment, we are only consuming what we need, we are not wasting food.  This brings in joy because it is an act of worship”,  he explained.

The act of worship is related to our way of life too. “Islam is not just about rituals, it is about every single thing we do.  So when you are kind, it is part of worship, when you are generous, it is part of worship and just like when you do not waste food.  Even when you ask about your neighbours, it is part of worship and so is the way you walk, eat and talk as well as how you treat your employees are parts of acts of worship. They are all aspects of worship and all of these are ways to receive rewards from the Almighty Allah”,  Hatim explained further.

“So this is a festive season and a golden opportunity to gain more rewards with close loved ones even we are going through this pandemic”, said Hatim.